Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coulda Used Some of This Today!

A hike on a beautiful, sunny August day seemed like a good idea. So we got a little bit of a late start...what's the big deal? Well...turns out that I don't hike enough. Because if I did, I would have taken some chocolate...or peanuts...or a granola bar...or something to energize my weary legs trekking back down the trail. I'll write more about our hike later...for now, I have a Chocolate Lover's Survival Kit idea to show you! I could have used one of these today.

My friend (and upline), Karen, gave me a darling treat like this one last week when we were attending Leadership. It made me feel thought of and I had a late night treat to munch on. (Isn't it a great feeling to know someone is thinking of you? I need to do that more...)

The ladies in one of my monthly card classes LOVE, LOVE, LOVE chocolate so this little project was the perfect recipe for a fun, chocolate-filled evening this week. Here's the basic instructions to create your own Chocolate Lover's Survival Kit:

Cardstock: 2 1/2" x 12"
Coordinating B&T paper: 2 1/2" x 12"
Cardstock and/or B&T paper: 3" circle for collar

Cut each out and fold in half. Layer the B&T paper over cardstock. Insert package of M&M's. Staple to the top edge of layered cardstock/B&T paper (one of the open ends). Fold circle in half and attach to the back of cardstock/B&T paper with double stick tape or glue dot. Close the packet all together by folding the circle to the front. Secure with glue dot.

Of course, you'll want to add an extra touch of class by distressing the cardstock and/or B&T paper. The cute little poem on the front reads:

The Chocolate Lover's Survival Kit
At the first sign of anger, eat a RED one.
Eat a BLUE one to minimize depression.
To relieve stress, eat a GREEN one.
If you feel a headache coming on, eat an ORANGE one.
Eat a YELLOW one to cheer you up.
You can eat the BROWN ones at any time.
If all symptoms occur at the same time, EAT THE WHOLE BAG!

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  1. Hiking? Are you kidding me? Quit making the rest of us slackers look bad. lol. I seriously can't remember the last time I went hiking. But, luckily you don't need to hike to have chocolate. I am evidence! What a cute little treat and poem.