Wednesday, February 2, 2011

4/28 Tips, Techniques, and Training Tidbits - Studio J®

If you're anything like me, you probably have lots of questions about Studio J®.

What is Studio J® online software?

What makes scrapbooking with Studio J® unique?

Who prints my layouts?

For answers to these questions and many more, visit My Website, click on Studio J® Online Scrapbooking then scroll down toward the bottom. There you'll find many answers to questions you didn't even realize you had!

See you tomorrow!
3/28 Tips, Techniques, and Training Tidbits - Studio J®

Wouldn't you love to see examples of Studio J® layouts? Here you go! Just go to and click on Art Gallery. You'll see at least 24 completed layouts that were created in Studio J®! Pay attention to the beautiful papers....they'll look familiar because they are either available now in the Spring 2011 Idea Book or were available in a past Idea Book. Even some of our (favorite!) discontinued papers are available in Studio J®.

Paper layering is easy when you create your layouts. Let's say there's a particular background paper (or cardstock) that you'd like to swap for another. With the click of a button, whala and it's done!

To become a member, try it out, or just read more about it, click here and follow the link to Studio J® Online Scrapbooking.

See you tomorrow!