Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 9/28 Tips, Techniques, and Training Tidbits - Studio J®

In your workspace area of Studio J®, where you are working on your layout, there is a menu along the top edge of the work area. Those are important menu items to know about. For example, the 100% is a zooming in/out scale. Use this to take a closer look at certain areas of your layout to check color or position of various elements. The Undo tab is also very helpful to undo states of work. Explore the others and don't miss "Copy" and "Paste". Let's say you have added a button and ribbon tie and you'd like to repeat that throughout your layout. Click on both the button and center thread then click Copy then Paste. Use the move tool to move elements around on your layouts.

It's lots of fun to play and explore! Go get started right now! You can create a FREE account by visiting my website and clicking on Studio J® Scrapbooking.

Have a great day!
8/28 Tips, Techniques, and Training Tidbits - Studio J®

Journaling is essential in classic scrapbooking...and it's just as important - and easy - in Studio J®! You can add journaling in a variety of ways:

Start by using the existing journaling area in the layout you've selected. You can alway add more journaling areas by clicking on the word "Text" in the "filing cabinet" area on the left side of the window.

Maybe you'd like to convert a photo well to a journaling area? Easy! Just click on the photo will (white area with an "x" in the center) and a pop up menu will appear. Use the icon that is placed 2nd from the right. It's just to the left of the trash can icon.

I'm telling you, you've got to give this a try! There's no commitment to setting up an account and exploring the Studio J® environment. Don't wait! Log in today at

See you tomorrow!
7/28 Tips, Techniques, and Training Tidbits - Studio J®

One of the greatest things about being a Studio J® member is that you have exclusive access to high-resolution JPG files as well as low-res files perfect for social networking (emailing or posting on blogs or Facebook, etc.). Members also receive Memory Protectors® FREE for each custom-printed two-page layout. Plus, shipping and handling is FREE with your monthly order of 4-20 layouts.

Memberships are available as follows:

12 month membership: $99.00
3 month (try-before-you-buy): $30.00
5-pack: $55.00 (includes 5 two-page layouts, 5 memory protectors, and free shipping)

In a nutshell, membership comes with lots of perks such as exclusive patterns, kits, and free memory protectors!

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