Sunday, February 6, 2011

7/28 Tips, Techniques, and Training Tidbits - Studio J®

One of the greatest things about being a Studio J® member is that you have exclusive access to high-resolution JPG files as well as low-res files perfect for social networking (emailing or posting on blogs or Facebook, etc.). Members also receive Memory Protectors® FREE for each custom-printed two-page layout. Plus, shipping and handling is FREE with your monthly order of 4-20 layouts.

Memberships are available as follows:

12 month membership: $99.00
3 month (try-before-you-buy): $30.00
5-pack: $55.00 (includes 5 two-page layouts, 5 memory protectors, and free shipping)

In a nutshell, membership comes with lots of perks such as exclusive patterns, kits, and free memory protectors!

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