Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's A Zoo Around Here!

I'll bet you can relate from time to time! Some days the phone doesn't ring once while other days it doesn't stop. With a home-based business, both are welcome sounds so I'm not complaining! It's just that, well, some days it really feels like a zoo around here. Like this weekend... or, the last few days anyway. You see, we have some really good friends who are professional photographers in our area. I've been blessed to assist them from time to time. I love working with them and seeing their creativity full on. They are amazing! The gentleman had a medical emergency a few days ago and with a wedding yesterday (Saturday), they were unable to photograph it and asked me if I would. So, I had the privilege of filling their big shoes. Between making last-minute arrangements with the bride, gathering my equipment, and preparing for the shoot, well, it felt like I was in a zoo! So, I thought it would be fitting to share this card I made recently since it has that cute little zoo theme.

Recently my sister-in-law had a birthday when I wasn't quite ready for it so you know what that means...yep, she had her birthday without a card from me. When I designed this card originally, it occurred to me that it would make a perfect belated birthday card! What better excuse could I come up with than "It's A Zoo Around Here!" That being the truth, I mailed it off hoping she'd understand my tardiness. She did...and she loved the card!

I should tell you that the red section of the card at the top is secured only by the red brad in the center of the flower on the left. So, the red section flips open (upward and to the left) to reveal the birthday message (with more excuses) that I wrote. Good thing she loves me unconditionally! And, just to get back at me, I'll bet she sends me a handmade card that arrives on-time for my birthday! It's A Zoo (#C1360) is used with Animal Cookies Paper Packet (#item X7112B). Other fluff and fun are ribbons, brads, and paper flowers.
Well, the wedding went very well and I captured the special moments of the day. My favorite photograph is of the ring-bearer handing a bouquet of flowers to one of the darling little flower girls. It's just precious! Maybe I'll have to share that particular image with you soon.

This is a busy week coming up. I'm accompanying my daughter to an out of town wedding the first of the week then a few days after we return, I'll be attending the Close To My Heart Leadership Conference in Long Beach. (I sure hope it's cooler by the sea!) From there, I will meet some of my family in Pismo Beach for a couple of days spent relaxing in the hot tubs, eating Old West Cinnamon Rolls or dining in a tiny shop called Splash eating the best Clam Chowder there ever was! Are you jealous yet? Ah, don't be...let me report to you THEN you can be jealous. In any event, it's all in fun and I look forward to sharing my new adventures with you again soon.

Until next time! Enjoy today- for that's all we have.