Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pumpkin Pie Dilemna

So, it's a great day! Thanksgiving is always a fun time around the Warta household. Especially when dessert follows a rather overabundance of just too many good foods. What to do when you only have one VERY LARGE (like 80 oz. large) can of pumpkin but need only one or two pumpkin pies? You make a game out of it! You see, stores in our area were out of the smaller cans but we found one ginormous can at Smart and Final. Rather than risk NO pumpkin dessert of any kind, we opted for the giant can. As it was sitting obnoxiously around the kitchen waiting to be used today, we decided to make a game out of the can of pumpkin. Hide the can (with $1 attached) and whoever found the can (and $1) got to hide it again. If it wasn't found by time to make the dessert, we'll, we'd be out of luck for anything pumpkin! The girls in this household have some pretty creative thinking processes going on. They used a wooden duck to disguise the oversized can, I slipped the can in a large, empty apple barrell, someone else set it right by the phone among some candy so it wasn't easily spotted there. Eventually, the large can of pumpkin was made into 3 delectable, wonderful, memorable desserts! Just in time to settle down tummys full of turkey!

Our family always has great fun, lots of laughter, and pure entertainment. Plus, our new little grandson gave plenty of reasons for Grammy had to hold him. It was a day of constant giggles, laughter unending, time spent raking leaves, and of course, plenty of hands in the kitchen. It's all about making memories, isn't?

I trust your was a day of reflection and thanksgiving for a bounty of blessings.
Until next time~

Monday, November 2, 2009

November Stampaganza!

We still don't have a little grandbaby...maybe tonight?! Nah...I want another good night's sleep! Okay, that's incredibly selfish since I'm not the one who is 9 months pregnant. We are all anxiously awaiting this little guy's arrival and I'm pretty sure it will be very soon. Tomorrow is my daughter's due date. I figure I'm pretty much out of time for getting things caught up before his arrival. Ah's all good.

Speaking of tomorrow, it's November 3rd and we have a new special you'll definately want to take advantage of. Our Stampaganza is amazing! Purchase 2 My Acrylic stamp sets at regular price and get one free. How's that for a great bargain to kick off the holiday season? Do your shopping from the catalog or online. Be sure to e-mail me with any questions, too.

D1377, Around The Block is a hefty set of 26 stamps. Piece by piece you can build your dream gingerbread card! Or, design a simple "Welcome Neighbor" card and add a set of gift tags if someone is just moving into your neighborhood this holiday season.

One more sure to order your favorite products in order to take advantage of the Stampaganza special!

Until next time...when we really have a new grandbaby!