Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Dash

I was watching a webinar last week and the speaker had a terrific ending to his presentation. He called it "The Dash". My first thought was speed...how far could I run in how short amount of time? After all, isn't that the name of a race in track and field? Oh yeah, in track and field, they insert something like "500 yard"! Not for me...I'm not a runner:) Well anyway, the point he made really hit home with me. You see, "The Dash" in his context referred to the time between being born and dying. What is it that we do with our "dash", that little hyphen between the year born and the year of passing? Have any of us really thought much about it? Seems a bit morbid but I think if I, personally, spent more time considering how to live my own "Dash", I might enjoy a more fulfilled life, rather than living my "Dash" by scurrying here or there and missing many opportunities to touch the life of someone else or be inspired by someone myself. There's lots to it, for sure. So, maybe today you'll want to consider how you're living your own "Dash".

So, last night at one of my monthly workshops, I pulled out this remarkable little tool kit called the new Soft Set Eyelet Tool. People! If you hear one thing while reading this, hear me yelling "this is the most awesome improvement on a product ever!!!" Followed by..."ya gotta have one!" Love the ease with which I can set eyelets now...and it's s..i..l..e..n..t..!! Ah, the hush of setting an eyelet is unlike any other eyelet setting I've done before. Those were always rough, narly, and above, obnoxiously loud! No more...you'll love this one. Item number Z1208 for $14.95. It's the best buy all this year! You can order it on my http://www.laurie.myctmh.com/ website.

Until next time ~ so long!