Monday, December 21, 2009

The Best Day of the Year

Every year at Christmas time my friend from high school days sends us the best Christmas present ever...a box of homemade shortbread. It's not just average see, it's very different. It has something in it that makes my entire family look forward to the month of December. There's something about it that, oh along about mid-December, challenges each of us to race to the mailbox to see if it arrived that day. The shortbread has a strange effect on,, in particular. It causes me to find hiding places so I don't have to share it! (Yeah, that's darn desperate but true.) The shortbread also makes me tell a little lie..."Hey mom, did Bonnie's shortbread come today?" "No, honey, I don't recall there being a box in the mail." All the while the coveted box of shortbread is hidden in a small ice chest in the laundry room....and one piece is missing.

Receiving Bonnie's box of shortbread means that Christmas is officially here! And you'll be happy to know that guilt got the better of me and I brought the box out of hiding and shared it with the fam. I even went so far as to pull two pieces out, wrap them up, and send them to our son in Washington state. I'm feeling good about that one!

We spent the day baking yesterday...our favorite treats to bake at Christmas are Chocolate Mint-filled Cookies, Hamburger cookies, Shortbread Lemon Bars (these are yummy!), and Carmel Corn. Instead of just walking a couple of miles today, I walked and went to the gym...the reasons are obvious!

Tomorrow I'll share my favorite movies to watch at Christmas time. Until then!