Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hike - Day One

Honestly, I live in paradise. My town may be small and remote but check out my back yard. Well, not exactly my back yard but darn close...the drive to the trailhead for this hike was a mere 20 minutes. Cindy and Julianne were here this week from Arizona and rather than sit and scrapbook (like we had planned), we took off for the mountains. Remember my last post where I mentioned we could have used some M&M's? Well, this was the hike. We made it on our own fortitude and determination, even though we didn't know exactly how far our destination was (and we had no food). Here's some good old fashioned advice: Don't bother asking anyone on the trail how far the lake is...know it yourself! Ya see, one person will tell you it's just over the next hill and another person will tell you it's another hour. Neither were right on this hike. Then there's my husband who would tell you....."Ah, it's not about the's the journey." Hmmm, isn't that my motto for this blog? I sort of forgot about that on the trail.

Anyway, we had such a great time together. The scenery was unspeakably beautiful. Bishop is known for its spectacular mountains, hiking, fishing, and year-round outdoor recreation. I think you'll see why shortly.

It took us about an hour to hike to this lake, Long Lake. It's just one of the many beautiful lakes out of Bishop Creek. The trail was uphill all the way, but not as steep as our hike on Day Two. (Seriously, it really was uphill...I promise!) Stay tuned for Day Two...that hike was the bomb!

Do you see Julianne perched on the rock in the background? She and my daughter, Jessica, were pretty funny. Julianne didn't want to go but Jessica made her. What troopers!

Don't laugh at my hat, okay? It's floppy, I know, I keeps the sun off my face and out of my eyes. (Less wrinkles, I'm hoping!) In my August scrapbook classes, the theme of our layout is "No One Is Quite Like Me." My goofy, floppy hat is what makes

Can you tell we're excited to have made it?? (The girls made me remove my hat for the picture. They're no fun!)

I'll see you in the next post with a few more images from Day Two!


  1. Just found your blog this week! And wouldn't you know you posted photos of my favorite place to be??? So HAPPY our friends moved to Bishop...we get up there as much as possible and looooove it! Hopefully we'll hook up on a visit!

  2. Beautiful photos. Makes me wish I was there hiking too! Maybe one day...