Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Favorite Christmas Movies

Christmas just isn't Christmas without watching a few classic movies...wouldn't you agree? I mean, if we don't have snow outside, I can at least feel it when watching The Santa Clause! Bernard is my favorite character on that one.

Then there's The Grinch....as a kid, I never read the book or really even heard of the story. But in the Jim Carey rendition, I get it! The grinch is really a mean old green thing with a big heart...only problem is that his heart needs to be thawed. My favorite part is the warm smile that spreads across his face when his heart grows three sizes larger. Oh, and the magic of Mount Crumpit!

Charlie Brown's Christmas tree is the cutest yet most lonely little tree ever. Sweet little ornaments could have such a transforming effect on a tree.

Polar Express is another favorite. I mean, wouldn't it be amazing to have a massive locomotive pull up in front of your home, whisk you on board and take you to the North Pole? Ah, the magic of childhood imagination.

It's A Wonderful Life...what a classic. If we all lived our lives with a strong sense of value and character, imagine what our world would be like.

So there you go...a short list of my favorites that help make Christmas memories.

I don't remember much from my childhoos and that includes Christmas but I do have one or two sweet memories I'll share tomorrow. Until then~


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