Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dry Erase Board Idea

I don't know about you, but I wake up with the best of intentions every day. Do I follow through with each plan for the day...ahhh, I wish it were that easy or I was that disciplined. Sometimes I get ready to accomplish one task yet I find that I get sidetracked. So what?? Oh, I just wait for a new morning when I can, once again, wake up with the best of intentions...only these are from the day before. Eeeek! Suddenly I'm a week behind! So then, it all defaults to "life", and all of the curves we're thrown on a daily basis. For me, I've had more curve balls the last 10 days than I've had in 10 years. But, stretching my ole arm out, I'm catching, by golly. And we're gettin' through.
This cute little frame serves as a reminder for various errands or appointments that come up throughout the day or week. It's a regular 4x6 photo frame but what makes it unique is that you can write on the face of the glass with a dry erase marker. When you're ready to change the message, a swift swipe with your bare fingers will remove all the writing in it entirety! Pretty cool, I think! How do you like the left section where there's a stack of Post-It-Notes? Handy, huh? I thought so when I used this thing over and over this week to remind me to call the insurance folks who don't want to make good on our policy, or to pick certain items up from the store. You could also incorporate a photograph in either the left or right section of the design.
All is good! The sun came up this morning, went down by evening, and we harvested a ton of tomatoes in between. So complaints? Oh, there are none tonight! Praise God.
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  1. I just made something was a big hit at Open House last night...but THIS idea is great for a workshop! You could even put it on an easle on the counter....way cute!!!