Friday, July 17, 2009

Captured Memories

My daughter was cleaning out her binders and folders from this past year (her Freshman year) and I said to her, "Be sure to keep all that stuff! You'll appreciate it in 5, 10, 20 years from now." It prompted me to pull out a hidden treasures box from my high school days and see just how I could embarrass myself. Boy, what a flash to the past! As I read aloud to my kids that one poem about a cowboy, it quickly became apparent why I failed the poetry section of English! Among other "really great" poetry, I found notes that my friend and I passed back and forth in Government class. They are just as fresh as if they were written yesterday. My friend and I are now sister-in-laws so you can imagine the laughter that is to come when I remind her that she wrote of her boyfriend (at the time), "Oh, wouldn't we be so cute together?" Good thing the notes never found their way into the hands of our teacher.

One thing I've always done on behalf of my children as they've grown up is occasionally save papers they'd bring home during the school year. In fact, I had an envelope dedicated to each child for each year. I am sooo glad I did this for my kids - and they are glad, too. Heck, to them, homework is for the birds so why not throw it all out once it's been turned in and graded?! Thankfully, I was able to do their thinking for them in this one little area.

Here's a fresh idea for a great project that you can complete in about 15 minutes. It's perfect for a last-minute gift or a treat for you to set on your desk. Any of Close To My Heart's paper packs will work great and the possibilities for this Display Album are endless.

I used our My CreationsTM Display Album (#Z1054), our cool Dimensional Elements Fresh Shapes (#Z1019), and paper from our Tickled Pink special a few months ago. (Just a little reminder...when you see a product special or other promotion, don't let it slip by without checking it out! Usually once it's gone, it's really gone.)

The chipboard Display Album has 12 pages and can stand to display photos, 6x6 layout pages, or it can be used as a brag book. It's perfect for showcasing memories from a vacation or other special event.

Until next time!

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