Thursday, July 23, 2009

About Me - Tribute Side 2

The wonderful ladies in my scrapbook groups never cease to amaze me! They can take the same Close To My Heart papers, same stamp sets and colors, and the same instruction from me at the same class yet come up with scrapbook layouts that are completely original! The second side of this layout (pictured here) is a perfect example. Some ladies added just a photo or two in the center square while others used the center area as a background and built around it, adding 6-8 photos on the entire page. They always inspire me and get me to think outside of my box.

I have a tendency to design my layouts rather symmetrically (in my safe little box) but a few of my customers never follow my design. They'll tweak and turn photo mats, add a little extra color here or there, and come up with a totally new twist on my original design. One of my gals makes it her mission to be different! And I always look forward to how she'll change my original design.

You may say that this design looks a little crooked - it's meant to! I used Endless Friendship (#D1354) and Bella Paper Pack (#X7114B). It's a simple design so take it and make it your own.

See you again soon!

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