Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Idea Book Open House

I love to hold an Open House to introduce the new Idea Book. To kick off the release of the new Spring 2010 Idea Book, tonight was the night for my Open House. I want to say a special Thank You to those loyal souls who braved the cold wind and stopped in for some warm friendship, a cool catalog, and a "gift table" complete with sweets. ( made me laugh! I hope you took home an extra gift in the way of a cookie:)

What always entertains me is that my customers stop by to pick up an Idea Book, browse the displays of new items, then find a comfy corner to sit and soak up the Idea Book while filling out the Scavengar Hunt paper. But the biggest blessing I get out of the whole event is the fellowship than ensues throughout the evening. It's so cool to watch a bunch of women, from all walks of life, come together to laugh, giggle, tell the latest story on the town, relax and unwind, and stamp together. I love it!

My scavengar hunt is lots of fun and it gets my friends to know the catalog. The winner whose name is drawn will receive a beautiful card kit. I'll announce the winner tomorrow.

I tend to have a pretty loyal following of customers (who have become friends) and I'm reminded of some special moments with a few of these ladies over the years. One goes like this: I was at the hostesses home carrying on with a home gathering and we all started wrinkling noses and making funny faces, but no one said anything. Pretty soon it became apparent that someone should ask their neighbor "did you do that"? or "It wasn't me, I promise!" Just off to the side of the gathering area, the housecat decided to make a pit stop and leave us a treasure in all its stinky glory, right there smack dab sticking on the living room carpet!

This same hostess, (Marianne, I love ya!), bought a package of Glue Dots several years ago. Subsequently, at another of her home gatherings, she proclaimed that she had thrown them out in a fury because she couldn't figure out how to use them. Memo to the unwise...Always ask your consultant how to use something if you can't figure it out! You bought it so it must be grand, right?

So, cheers to a fun group of Bishop ladies...they are the best around, loyal, loving, fun, and doesn't get any better than that. We all agreed that the Felicity Collection is one of the most creative paper packs we've seen yet! For only $34.95, you get many sheets of decorative die-cut paper, 3 gorgeous color schemes, a D-size stamp set that includes flowers, flourishes, argyle patterns, birds, and an entire alphabet! Where else can you find such papercrafting opportunites with such a complete product?


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  1. Hi Laurie,
    Would you be willing to share your catalog scavenger hunt? Thanks so much!